Clerk 2Kô - Ordering

Clerk 2Kô is available in three different use agreements. The first is a single-use agreement which is for one show and date only. The multiple use (multi-use) agreement allows a single club to use Clerk 2Kô to produce multiple shows. There is also a professional-use agreement that can be used by an entry clerk service for processing shows for different clubs and different dates.

A DEMO version for the 2001-2002 show season is available if you would like to try Clerk 2Kô before purchasing it. Click here to download a demo version (1.94). The demo version is a fully functional version of Clerk 2Kô except that it will not print out Judge's books, and some other reports. It also will only present a print preview if you try to print a full Catalog or an Exhibitor's list (with addresses). There is a master data file provided with the demo, but it may not be up to date. To install the demo after downloading it, simply select where you want it installed (the default will work for most computers) and then click on the Extract button.

For pricing, license agreement, and ordering, please view our online order form. This is a PRINTABLE form. Print it, fill it out and send back to order a copy of Clerk 2Kô.

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