Clerk 2Kô - People and Names

People's names are used in several places in Clerk 2Kô. One of the things that Clerk 2Kô does to help make producing a cat show easier is to generate a benching list. This benching list is matches up all owners, agents and benching requests provided by the exhibitors when they enter the show. To do this, though, Clerk 2Kô need you to provide names (at least for owners, agents and benching requests) in a unified format so that it will know how to match them up. Thus it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to provide these names in the expected format. Simplisticly, you need to make sure different people (last names) are seperated by the '/' charater and only the '/' is used as a seperator. In addition, you need to make sure that the '/' is not used to seperate anything else. Here are a few examples of correctly formated names:

Clinton Parker

Clinton & Deborah Parker

Clinton Parker/Judy Thompson

C-D Parker/J-E Thompson


C, V, A, M, C & D Parker

The following are INCORRECTLY formated names:

Parker, Clinton

Clinton/Deborah Parker

Clinton Parker & Judy Thompson

C-D Parker & J-E Thompson

Parker - Smith - Jones

C/V/A/M/C/D Parker

Again, you should only use the '/' character to seperate one or more people with different last names. The '/' character should not be used to seperate first names (usually of family members) of people with the same last name. The '-', '&', ',' and '+' characters are good choices for this.

Please note that you WILL get entries in almost all the formats listed above (and some others as well), but you MUST convert them to a valid format if you want the automatic benching to work.

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November 9, 2001
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