GP, NW Roxanastasia's Mikhail of Seaflower
CFA's 13th Best Cat in Premiership 1995-1996


'Mikhail' is a Russian Blue. As a general rule Russian Blues are shy and sensitive cats. Michael is no exception. He was only shown for about 1/2 of the show season because he didn't like the 'strange' (to him at least) world of cat showing. When we stopped showing him, he was the 2nd Best cat nationally, but as the season progressed, he dropped lower in the standings (not being shown). We were biting our nails as the season drew to an end hoping that he would hang onto one of the top 15 spots - and he did!
Mikhail and Chelsea
Unfortunately (for us anyway), Mikhail got picked on by some of the other cats in the house, so we decided to find him a new home. He wasn't that happy here, and we knew it was the right thing to do. It was very HARD. He is such a SPECIAL cat! We ultimately found him a great home with lots of windows to look out of and new owner that LOVES him. He's VERY happy, and that is what is all about. Below are some photos of him in his new home, in retirement (well at least from showing, not bird watching).

Mikhail Dreamin
Mikhail Smile
Mikhail Meditation

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