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Home of C.F.A.'s 1st National Winner Tonkinese in Championship
Rose Annie Rose
Grand Champion, National Winner
Torador's Antigone of Seaflower
C.F.A.'s 14th Best Cat 1996-1997

We hope you will enjoy our web site about us, our Tonkinese and Abyssinian kittens and cats. We are breeders of top winning Tonkinese cats and kittens. They are raised in our home, under foot with lots of love and attention. Not only do they get lots of handling from us, they are kid tested (we have 4 daughters, 14 and under) and very people oriented.

Click here for information about Seaflower Tonkinese.

Click here for information about Clerk 2K, a graphical entry clerk program for C.F.A. cat shows.

Click here for information about Entry 2K, a graphical program for exhibitors that generates entry forms for entering C.F.A. cat shows.

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