Grand Champion, National Winner
Torador's Antigone of Seaflower, DM
CFA's 14th Best Cat 1996-1997

'Annie' was born on May 7, 1995. She is a Platinum Mink Tonkinese. Her mother is GC Torador's Portia, DM and her father is GC B4 Kipkat Jesse Justice of Torador, DM.

Annie's Story
for July, 1997 CFA Almanac

14th Best Cat, GC, NW Torador's Antigone of Seaflower, DM, aka "Annie", is a platinum mink Tonkinese female bred by Judith and Eric Thompson and owned by Clinton and Deborah Parker/Judith and Eric Thompson. Annie is the first Tonkinese ever to receive a National Win in championship and the highest scoring Tonkinese in history. During her show career, judges often commented in their final that she was the best Tonkinese they had ever seen. That really says it all!

Annie had a princess personality. She disliked the other cats at shows and let you know it, but she loved the judges. When she was placed on the judging stand, she would stretch, lay down, tuck her paws in, look out at the audience and say "Look at me, aren't I gorgeous". She started out the show season with a bang, being the second ranked cat at the end of May - the highest ranking ever for a Tonkinese. Annie didn't get to travel much from July through October since Debi and Clinton were busy adding to their family (their daughter, Vanessa Rose Parker, was born August 22). November through January, she was back on the road again missing only one final during that period and finishing as either the highest scoring cat or highest scoring shorthair cat at almost every show she went to. In February, Annie noticed that spring was just around the corner and started cycling. She spent most of that month at home. When she returned to showing in March, she decided that maybe those other cats weren't so bad.

Debi and Clinton have many fond memories from Annie's show career. Most of all, they would like to thank their friends and fellow exhibitors for all their help and support during the show season and all the judge's who supported her (especially Gene Darrah, Annie was always his Best cat).

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